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Health & Safety Policy

This policy is to keep students, teacher assistants, parents/guardians & the faculty safe & healthy, and to encourage confidence to return to classes. These procedures will apply to all who enter SSD:  the staff, students, & parents/guardians.

  • Classes will function on a limited capacity.​​

  • All individuals, including students, staff & parents/guardians, who enter the building will be required to wear masks at all times.

  • Everyone must check-in at the table in the church lobby.

  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival & health questionnaire reviewed.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance of the church & in waiting rooms.

  • All students must social distance of 6 ft. Floor marks in the studio have been made for visual cues.

  • If weather allows, windows will be opened for fresh air circulation.


  • Equipment, other than ballet barres (i.e: mats & Pilates balls), will not be available for use at this time. Ballet barres will be wiped down after each use.

  • Teachers will thoroughly clean each studio after each class with a COVID-19 approved disinfectant.

  • Class times will be staggered to allow for more effective social distancing & time for teachers to clean between classes.

Contact Tracing Policy

Each student/family will be required to complete a contact tracing form at the time of registration that will include your email, phone number, address, & emergency contact information. If a teacher or student contacts SSD stating they are ill with COVID-19, SSD will contact the Onondaga County Department of Health. If a person becomes ill with COVID-19, SSD will contact all the students individually by phone or email. No identifying information of the sick individual will be given out to the public, students, or other faculty members to protect the individual’s privacy.

Personal Safety Practices

Everyone has a personal responsibility to follow these practices.

  • Social distancing 6 ft. apart


  • Masks worn at all times - students, parents/guardians, & faculty

  • Once in the studio, only a water bottle will be permitted & must be kept next to you at the barre. When in the center, water bottles may be placed close to the wall on the floor spaced 6 ft. apart.


  • We are no longer allowed to maintain Lost & Found. Please be very mindful not to leave any items in the studio or waiting room as they will be discarded immediately after class…including water bottles.

  • One person is permitted in the bathroom at a time.

  • One parent only, may wait in the waiting room for a Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet or Ballet I student – always maintaining social distancing.

  • We ask for Ballet III & above, that parents please not wait in the waiting room…come in and pick up student when class is done or, if the student is old enough, pick up at front door.

Health Policy 

Everyone will be asked to agree to the following:


  • I have NOT had contact with and/or are taking care of a person(s) who has tested positive for COVID-19


  • I have NOT had any of the following symptoms in the past 14 days including:  fever greater than 100 degrees, difficulty breathing, cough


If you or your child (dancer) is sick, DO NOT COME IN & contact your primary health care provider.

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Updated 7/23/20

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