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Class Attire...

All dancers will present a classic appearance that is appropriate & conservative while allowing personal comfort. The instructors want to clearly see the beautiful lines of our dancers & not be distracted by their apparel.


Females:  All classes pink tights & pink ballet shoes.

                     Black leotard


Males:     All classes white or black ballet shoes.

                    Any color leotard or t-shirt.

                    Gym shorts, black jazz pants or black tights.

Jazz & Modern

               Any solid color leotard

                  Any solid color stirrups, footless tights or black jazz pants

                  Jazz - tan jazz shoes preferred

                  Jazz sneakers must be approved by instructor.

Hip Hop

                Jazz or clean sneakers

                   Appropriate dance attire.

                   Instructor will discuss specifics at first class.


              Tap shoes 


Senior Division.....


An asymmetrical form of ballet which stresses the torso as the source of movement with emphasis on creative improvisations, locomotor movement & imaginatiave exploration of the body in space.


Must take a minimum of one ballet class per week.


Must take a minimum of one ballet class per week. Placement by instructor.


The Giordano technique with emphasis on rhythm, coordination, fast movement, composition, strength & style.

Placement by instructor.

Intermediate II

Must take a minimum of one ballet class per week.


Must take a minimum of one ballet class per week.


Must have previous dance training.

Hip Hop

Movement that has elements of poppin', lockin' & breakin' as well as free style movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.



Focus is placed on the study of broadway-style & rhythmic tap. Tap develops rhythm, balance, strength & a dancer's versatility and has many physiological as well as cognitive benefits.


Musical Theater

The incorporation & integration of various dance genres, especially tap, jazz & modern, into a performance quality art form. Students develop in these genres of dance, while at the same time learning to act & perform while dancing.

Dance Experience Necessary

Senior Ballet Division.....
Placement by instructor.


The foundation for all other dance forms offers disciplined training in classical ballet style, technique & vocabulary with emphasis on correct body alignment & proper use of weight-bearing muscles & joints.

Intermediate II Ballet

Taking Wed Int./Adv. Ballet strongly recommended as a second class.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet

Pointe II


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